gallbladder – agenesis

gallbladder – agenesis


abnormalities of the gallbladder are rare; agenesis, and bilobing may occur in development. left sided gallbladder is described.


the gallbladder should be visible by 15 to 16 weeks. the condition may well occur in the presence of other anomalies. external biliary atresia may present in this way and has a poor prognosis; simple absence of the gallbladder usually carries a good prognosis.

differential diagnosis

no obvious ultrasonic evidence of a gall bladder should raise the possibility of agenesis or external biliary atresia which cannot be differentiated until after birth.

sonographic features

absence of gallbladder noted from about 16 weeks gestation

associated syndromes

  • diabetic embryopathy
  • opitz -frias(g) syndrome
  • short rib-polydactyly syndrome type 11 (majewski)
  • thalidomide embryopathy
  • triploidy
  • trisomy 18
  • vater/vacterl association
  • wolf-hirschhorn (4p-) syndrome


bronshtein m, weiner z, abramovici h, filmar s, erlik y, blumfeld z prenatal diagnosis of gallbladder anomalies ; report of 17 cases prenatal diag 13:851-861