arm dvt pathology


basic deep venous anatomy of the arm.

basic superficial venous anatomy of the arm.

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occlusive jugular vein thrombosus secondary to a subclavian central-line induced subclavian vein thrombosus.

transverse plane of the jugular vein thrombosus demonstrating lack of compressibility,

non compressible vein with absent or reduced flow on colour doppler.

in the initial, acute phase, the thrombus is hypoechoic & may not be clearly visible on b-mode.
this case demostrates older thrombus that has begun to retract from the vein walls and increase in echogenicity.

brachiocephalic, subclavian and internal jugular vein thrombus

this patient came for a thyroid ultrasound because she was feeling some neck pressure.the request was querying if there were any thyroid nodules. she wass 32 years old with no other history.

ultrasound of a non compressible internal jugular vein containing acute hypoechoic / anechoic thrombus.

ultrasound internal jugular vein thrombus. longitudinal plane

ultrasound subclavian/axillary vein thrombus with no flow visible on colour doppler. the oedema attenuates the image reducing detail.

a contrast ct confirmed thrombus in the brachiocephalic , subclavian and internal jugular veins.